University Mind Games

University: a place many people attend with the hopes of a secured higher position than just “starting from the bottom” in the world of work. This has always been one of my reasons anyway. Yet is this really the case?

With admissions to universities being greater than ever before, has university just become the next step we are subconsciously lead to take after school? Are we being controlled without knowing it, and are those who don’t follow (what now seems to be the norm) onto university – the ones among us who made a lucky escape, and instead progress past us, chasing their dreams and pursuing a career.

Whist I sit in my freezing ice-cube of a room at university, browsing Facebook and Twitter with endless amounts of essays and exam revision accompanying me, I cannot help but wonder is University holding me back rather than pushing me forward?! It definitely is money-wise!

It seems that my degree is keeping me hostage in the world of 1500 Literature whilst friends who chose not to enter the world of the money-sucking machine disguised as education are out chasing their dreams. Although those of us may apply to and attend university in order to chase our dreams from the ‘inside’, could it be that our dreams get lost and blurred the more we become entranced in to the university bubble.

For me, the idea of this type of higher education promoted a chance to flourish into the type of writer I hope to be with my chosen degree as an aid. Although largely interesting on the whole, I constantly question whether £9,000 a year for seven hours of teaching a week is really that worth it. Huge amounts of predestined debt to basically teach ourselves the course and then be criticized for not writing what the professors “wanted to see”.

Do the higher powers and authorities simply want to trap today’s youth to save their own economic issues?
The more people that are within the confines of education the greater the opportunities there may be for job seekers. Essentially what I am trying to answer is, has university just become a form of control.

A final thought, an image of a graduation ceremony representing the hundreds of thousands of graduates per year. How many will go on to succeed? Who decides?

T.M. *


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