3, 2, 1 Pout: The Falsity of Our Photographic Culture


“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

The significance of photographs has been the question that has been playing ping pong in my mind recently. Although being a self-confessed Instagram addict myself, I cannot help but quietly feel a bitterness towards this growing photographic culture.

As a soppy romantic, the gift of a frame filled with photographs this Christmas from my boyfriend made my heart melt. There was however, something slightly wrong. I realized that although loving the concept, some of the photos, I did not like. The reason being that the events that they were captured did not present significantly positive moments.

Whilst photos can capture a moment you will want to look back upon in years to come, they can also be largely false. Social networks are no longer solely to enable easy communication between friends but also an arena to post endless amounts of photos.

My problem being that this evolving culture is encouraging falsities, competition and vanity. Rather than enjoying our evening at a party or fully letting go and exploring somewhere new, we pause and paint on a false smile to freeze an image of enjoyment, or we run to the mirror and strike a pose which doesn’t capture a memory at all. Following this, we post it on social network sites awaiting “likes” and complimentary words that somehow boost our ego.

My suggestion is not to stop taking and posting photographs altogether, rather, next time you consider taking a photograph, quickly ponder one thing, are you capturing a positive memory?

T.M. *


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