Slip into style in Spring/Summer 2016

While we ditch our cosy winter knits, we will not be missing out on chic comfort this spring. The new season  is set to bring us slips, stripes and snug style, for those of you who love loungewear, being on-trend this season will not be a struggle. Here are some staple pieces to have in your wardrobe through the warmer months.

Striking Stripes

Bold stripes have been used head to toe by designers on this season’s runway and are taking over high street designs too. From tailored suits to dresses and everything in between. Both clashing colours and monochrome stripes are a must-have. Points go to Prada and Dolce and Gabbana for their 2016 graphic stripes.


First look: Stripe Wrap Dress, £55 Topshop

Underwear becomes outwear

The slip will continue to hold a prized place this season. The slinky silhouette can be dressed either  up or down for a casual, cool day look or a sexy evening ensemble. Pair with a leather or bomber jacket and your fave kicks like RiRi or with simple jewellery and heels for a more sensual look.

Slip dress

Middle look: Tiffany Slip dress, £25  Motel Rocks

Throwback to the 90s

Fashion has never been more comfortable as the return of nineties fashion brings light to the tracksuit! Whether you’re rocking an all in one or a matching two piece, channel your inner Sporty Spice look and make no excuses for why you’re out in your loungewear. Pair with a bucket hat and rucksack for 2016 cool.


Left to right: Chloe, Lowe, ASOS £55

Slip in to style

A final Spring staple are haute slippers. As spring blossoms we will be ditching our winter boots for slip-on mules to complete our outfits.  Acne and Balenciaga’s styles were some of the hottest slip-ons on the runway. Complete comfort yet totally stylish, what’s not to love?!



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