Watch The Fifth


FifthWhilst technology behemoths such as Apple work to create revoloutionary time pieces as released earlier last year, The Fifth Watch has taken a simpler approach.  The Fifth Watch’s products offer a classic yet modern take on effortless time pieces.

Founder of the brand Alex Mcbride released the label in December 2014 in an appeal to “please and inspire” his customers. The label takes it’s inspiration from a combination of the contemporary style of Melbourne, Australia and from the world’s fashion mecca New York. Particularly prompted by the American city’s Fifth Avenue from which Mcbride conceived the brand’s name.

What makes The Fifth Watch unique is it’s uncommon sales technique.The youthful brand has brought with it an exciting twist to the standard online retail procedure. The Fifth Watches’ five new designs are released on the fifth of each month and are sold for a maximum of five days, while stocks last. With frequent posts made on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram, the company leave their products to be largely anticipated and desired.

The brand currently ship to the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Japan and all over Europe. In order to ensure or boost the chances of purchase, the brand is also unique in offering a type of online reservation process. The brand’s website includes a “VIP Waiting List” section which is simple and easy to use. By filling in your first name and email, shoppers are able to gain access to the products nine hours prior to the general public.

The brand is definitely one for both young and old who are looking for minimalist chic, timeless time pieces. What’s more is that the deluxe products are labelled with a remarkably affordable price tag of only £72!

With it’s fast paced developments and new designs being released each month, The Fifth is most definitely one to watch!


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